Death Becomes Us (EP)

by Euthanized Horse

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My father died in a Phoenix area hospital on September 1, 2015. This album is about my summer in Phoenix, about me trying to keep my Dad alive.

We didn't get along, not very well. I hated my father at times, and didn't like him much. He was angry, loud and self-righteous. If he felt threatened, which was often, he would put you down. I will not offer excuses for him. He was an original, and he had his moments.

When I was thirteen, we went to Jewel-Osco for some food and Jewel's manager accused me of stealing candy. I vehemently denied this, because I did not steal candy (that time). Dad had my back.

Once, at the Venice pier, I laid into a fishermen for pulling the stinger off a sting-ray. I called the fisherman an asshole. The man was angry, but Dad had my back.

When my mother died, I needed my Dad. And, for the first time, due in part to his disability, he needed me. We drove from Miami to Chicago to Miami in the summer of 2011 so I could help him dismantle his garage and clean up his apartment. It was good. We talked. It was a break-through. He didn't understand me, and I didn't understand him, but, sometimes, we found common ground.

When I was fifteen, I gave him a copy of Slayer's Reign in Blood. He loved it. This surprised me. No one in my family gave a shit about metal, but he understood.

Bill Bendell, you fucker. I love you.


released October 22, 2015




all rights reserved


Euthanized Horse Albuquerque, New Mexico

Desert Noir Grind/Thrash/Punk recorded on a Tascam 8-track in a small house on the edge of the sagebrush wastes of central New Mexico.

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Track Name: Pencil Neck
God damn, don’t hit so hard
Lost my ally in the yard
Saw the sky in green and black
You left him in the swamps

Pencil neck – you call us now
40 years too late

Pencil neck – you’ve no idea
What’s at stake

He was alone he left him dry
A fucked up kid in war fatigues
You say a lot about regrets
But I don’t believe it
I can’t believe it.
Track Name: Estrella
No words
Track Name: Ghost in the Reeds
Winds blow the ghosts
Winds blow the ghosts
To me
Track Name: Blasted
Tolleson at the 101
Sun stroke in a parking lot
Wind so dry I cough and choke
Shoes melt to the tarmac

The palms are sick
And we are sick
The light is too much
Our hearts are reeling

We play games and circumscribe
But we saw the black mass
Wind so dry I cough and choke
Shoes melt to the tarmac
Track Name: Death Becomes Us

By what we can't see

Death becomes us
In the dark